RF over Fiber solutions

RFOptic RF over Fiber solutions convert analog RF signals into optical signals which are then transmitted over optical fibers and converted back to RF signals at various bands. Replacing thick coaxial cables, Heliax or waveguides with optical fibers significantly reduces weight and infrastructure physical space in marine, airborne and balloon-based communication applications, whilst gaining cost effective communications with excellent performances.
RFOptic easy-to-use solutions are designed to connect remote antennas to central in-door locations over optical fibers in Communications, Satcom, Cellular or GPS applications and provide comprehensive solutions over fiber-optic infrastructure in land, marine, airborne and balloon-based communication applications.
Our off-the-shelf, low-cost, low-frequency products are provided in 0.1-1.5; 0.1-2.7 GHz frequency bands while our high-frequency products support 0.1-8; 0.1-15; 0.1-20 GHz frequencies. The former product line is optimized for IF, VHF, UHF, L and S bands while the latter supports IF, L, S, C, X and Ku bands.
The RF over Fiber flexible module design enables RFOptic to offer customized solutions with various mechanical dimensions to meet customer-specific application requirements. In addition, we can develop customized modules with multiple optical signals to be delivered over a single fiber.