RF Over Fiber & Optical Delay Line Solutions

RF over Fiber & Optical Delay Line Solutions for Telecom, Aerospace, Governments, Research Labs, Broadcast including 40GHz.

We offer our customers RFoF links, multi-link / multi-channel RFoF systems and subsystems which  allows us to satisfy requirements that include diverse enclosures (indoor and outdoor) supporting multiple RFoF links with monitoring and management capabilities.

Our RF Over Fiber solutions offer the best cost performance ratio, featuring noise figure of 5dB and gain link of around 40dB.

Our programmable low frequency RF over Fiber units (0.5MHz to 6GHz) are based on direct modulation.

With our MiniQ High SFDR series indirect modulation product family, we support applications from 10MHz to 40GHz with low noise and high spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR).

Our Optical Delay Line solutions are available as “fixed” ODL with up to 8 predefined time delay values in a single unit, or as “variable” supporting up to 255 delay states. All Optical Delay Lines feature delays of up to 250 μsec (>250 μsec upon request) while maintaining excellent performance.

You can add RFoF functionality with our compact OEM board for your high volume requests.

Our unique software communicates with our programmable RFoF units, offering you unparalleled flexibility for you RFoF or ODL deployments.

This helpful simulator calculates the link gain and the optical predicted parameters for RFOptic’s programmable RFoF family – 2.5 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz and 6 GHz.

Programmable RF over Fiber Tx and Rx Links
RF Over Fiber - 2.5GHz - 6.0GHz Low Frequency RFoF
RF Over Fiber Mini Series (8GHz – 18GHz)

8GHz RF over Fiber
10MHz – 8.0GHz

15GHz RF over Fiber
10MHz – 15GHz

18GHz RF over Fiber
10MHz – 18GHz

MiniQ RFoF series provide spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) better than -112dB/Hz
RF Over Fiber MiniQ Series (18GHz – 40GHz)
Optical Delay Line for testing and calibrating radar systems and for RF communications
Optical Delay Line (Up to 40GHz)

Up to 6.0GHz
with direct modulation (L, S, & C bands)

Up to 8.0GHz – 18GHz
with indirect modulation (L, S, C, X, &  Ku bands).

Up to 20GHz, up to 30GHz and up to 40GHz

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Find our ready-to-ship products or let our experts customize an innovative and creative solution for you.

  • Our off-the-shelf products are ready for deployment and have a quick turnaround time of less than a week.
  • For our Programmable RF Over Fiber (RFoF) solutions up to 6 GHz, please click here,
  • For our Mini Series RFoF solutions 8GHz – 18GHz, please click here.
  • For our MIniQ Series of RFoF SFDR solutions 18GHz -40GHz, click here.
  • The average turnaround time of our sophisticated customized solutions is not more than one to two months. Some orders may even be fulfilled within 2 weeks.
  • Please contact our Customer Success Team to learn more.

Best cost performance in the marketplace

At RFOptic, we find alternatives when there is a need for budget reduction. We are flexible and will adapt our technologies to fit your needs. Our expert team will optimize the solutions and create a custom solution if needed. Feel free to share your specific needs with us to get the best solution for you.

RFOptic tailor-made for every budget

At RFOptic, we strive to make our cutting-edge technology accessible to as many customers as possible. We understand that in some cases, projects are very specific, while in other cases they are not. That is why we offer our high quality products, such as our high-quality Radio over Fiber (RFoF or ODL) products) for an affordable price, which allows our customers to experience the highest quality product while staying on budget. It is our mission to exceed expectations at every level.