RFOptic was selected by a worldwide technology and innovation company which specializes in defense, security and civil markets. RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line (ODL) system will be used for range simulation of Radar Systems.

Usually an Optic Delay Line comprises of a transmitter with several fiber spools at different lengths. The initial request was for several ODLs with each having similar long delay lines.  This request was going to cause the customer pay for several transmit units and for several identical long delay line spools.  RFOptic and its NA supplier, Summit Communications Solutions, worked very closely with the customer to better understand customer’s needs and their end goal.   As a result they proposed a 2-Stage ODL solution where Stage 1 consisted of redundant Transmit units and common long delay spools.  Stage-2 consisted of several Receiver units with incremental delay spools.  The solution also included Gain Control to compensate for large signal losses stemming from very long delay lines.  Furthermore, using a Progressive ODL architecture, RFOptic was able to provide many different combinations of the delay spools both at the Transmit and Receive levels.

The 2-Stage configuration saved the customer money by reducing the overall cost and at the same time increased the deployment and operational flexibility.  The solution includes remote control over the Ethernet using a simple friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface). In spite of the complexity of the system and large number of tests, the system was shipped in a short time frame to fit the customer’s time frame 

Oz Abramson RFOptic V.P said,  “We are proud to be selected by such an organization and we will keep with our strategy of fast delivery of customized unique solutions.  We are pleased with the trust of our customers and will make all of our possible efforts to meet market needs with innovative and cost effective solutions”

Today RFOptic offers ODL’s with delay lines as short as 50 nanosecond and as long as 1 millisec (1000 microsec) and any delay lengths in between.  RFOptic’s ODL solutions include Gain Control and Dispersion Compensation as needed.

RFOptic Ltd. (www.rfoptic.com) is a global provider of advanced RF over Fiber and Electro Optical solutions designed for civil and defense markets. RFOptic highly integrated products feature outstanding price/performance and reliability needed for our customers’ mission critical applications. RFOptic delivers feature-rich, compact products suitable for Communications, Satcom and Cellular Telecom Antennas, as well as demanding applications such as Land, Airborne & Marine Radar or Electronic Warfare, and optical components manufacturing lines.

Summit Communications Solutions, Corp, (www.SummitCSC.com) is a Manufacturer’s Representative based in Summit, NJ.  Summit Communications has been RFOptic’s long-term partner for delivering quality RFoF, ODL, and OPG (Optical Pulse Generators) Solutions to North American companies operations and laboratories. They provide technical and commercial support in the North American region.