RFOptic provides outdoor and indoor end-to-end solutions up to 40GHz for Ku and Ka satellite antennas. RFOptic’s 12, 18, 20, 30 and 40 GHz RFoF solutions provide high SFDR of minimum 111 dB/Hz. These high-performance products are used in applications such as civil communication, antenna remoting, telemetry, defense systems, satellite communications and more. RFOptic has 2 products groups L which has better noise figure, gain and gain flatness and Q which has better p1dB

Key Features

  • Frequency Range: 1-30GHz
  • Low Noise Figure RFoF HSFDR version
  • Higher Gain with excellent flatness
  • Low spurious level
  • High SFDR 112 dB/Hz
  • Excellent phase linearity
  • Low power consumption and weig


  • Standard (stand-alone)
  • 1U Generic enclosure (4 units)
  • 1U Removable panel enclosure (2/4 units)
  • Outdoor (2/4 units)


  • Distributed Antenna
  • Satcom
  • Radio telescopes
  • Telecommunication:
    • Antenna Remoting
    • Long RF links via fiber
  • EW
RF Parameter RF Tx-Rx LinkUnitSpecification (typical)
Frequency RangeGHz1-30
RF GaindB-18
Gain Flatness for the entire frequency rangedB±4
1dB Input compression point [3]dBm12
Noise FiguredB27
SFDR (calculated)dB/Hz2/3112
Maximum RF input level (No damage)dB16
VSWR Input-2:1
VSWR Output-2:1
Phase Noise at 10KHz offsetdBc/Hz<-120
Input / Output impedanceOhm50
Optical and Electrical and Environmental (Tx, Rx)UnitSpecification (Typical)
Laser diode optical wavelengthµm1.55
Receiver photodiode optical wavelengthµm1.5-1.58
Operating temperature range°C0 to +70
Storage temperature°C-40 to +85
LED status indicators (Tx/Rx)-Blue/Green/Red
Input voltage [6]VDC5
Power consumption Tx moduleWatt2.5
Power consumption Rx moduleWatt0.5
Mechanical (Tx/Rx)
Dimensions Tx/Rx unitmm75*154*33
Weight Tx/Rx unitgrams450
RF Input / Output connectorsmm2.92
Optical Connector-FC/APC
Power connector and data/monitor connector-DB15