RFOptic 5G RFoF Converters

The move from 3G/4G to 5G has forced wireless providers and equipment manufacturers to test and connect large numbers of devices. The traditional approach of using coax cables and RF switches has been taken to its limits forcing engineers to spend countless hours balancing coax link budgets.

A different and novel approach was needed to accelerate testing and reduce the maintenance of test system setups. That’s where RF over Fiber (RFoF) technology comes into play to overcome the limitations of coax.

Following extensive R&D and testing, RFOptic has launched its 5G RFoF subsystems in 2019, quickly onboarding major customers. Our proven 5G offerings meet the growing demand of our customers to support their 5G deployments and developments such as remote antennas for base stations, coax cables replacement in test facilities, and 5G telecommunication network testing. In addition, we identified the need for 5G as a DAS extension solution when the cable solution cannot meet the required system parameters. We are providing this customized solution under OEM agreements.

A Fortune 100 company chose our 5G solutions to solve the problem of coax losses, insufficient isolation, and limited distance. After replacing the coax cables with our RFoF fiber links, the customer was able to have excellent gain, flatness bandwidth, and superb isolation for its testing and remote base station antennas. A global company is using our 5G solution for latency measurements in its systems, while another conglomerate uses it for mm-Wave direct transmission links with high SFDR.

RFOptic’s solutions extend up to 40 GHz and beyond. Apart from telecom service providers, our solutions are currently used by defense contractors, aerospace companies, and national labs. We are also an OEM design partner for some Fortune 100 companies to accelerate their 5G deployments. Based on our R&D and field experience, we formulate new concepts and designs for complex 5G deployments.

Key Features 5G Base Station Testing

  • Scalable solution up to 6GHz
  • Built-in LNA
  • Built-in internal digital attenuator
  • Built-in optical power meter
  • Suitable for various 5G applications
  • Low maintenance
  • High ROI
  • Bidirectional solution
  • Option for AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

Key features 5G Antenna mm-Wavelength

  • High SFDR links with CWDM
  • 27 GHz – 40 GHz RFoF links with internal pre and post amplifiers
  • Gain control
  • Good Noise Figure (NF)
  • Low power consumption ( 500 mA)
  • Up-down conversation methodology


  • 5G base station testing facilities
  • 5G antenna at 27 GHz and above
  • 5G remote antenna
  • Satcom

Examples of some of our deployments

  • 5G solution for base station testing facilities with features such as built-in LNA, internal digital attenuator, optical and RF power indicators, and an optical managed switch.
  • 5G solution for 5G antenna mm-Wavelength supporting 27 GHz and above to overcome coax limitations for bridging almost any distance. Features include remote management, low power consumption, direct modulation, and up-down conversation methods.