RFOptic 5G Optical Solutions

RFOptic’s proven 5G Optical Solutions meet the growing demand of its customers to support their 5G deployments and developments. Existing and new customers have approached us to help them with their planned 5G deployments, such as remote antenna for base station, replacing cable in in their test facilities, DAS applications, remote antenna applications, and 5G testing of 5G telecommunication networks.

Our solutions are especially effective in those cases where coax losses and limited isolation and distance needs to be replaced with RFoF fiber Links that feature gain, flatness bandwidth and superb isolation for testing or remote base station antennas. Our 5G solutions are also used for latency measurements in such systems using our ODL products, and for mm-Wave direct transmission links with High SFDR.

We also partner with companies as an OEM design partner to speed up their 5G deployments. RFOptic has deep knowledge and experience in formulating new concepts and design. Working with RFOptic brings added value and mitigates technical risks. By bringing in our experience and proven solutions partners can reduce the need for additional in house R&D resources.

An example of one 5G deployment is our 5G solution for base station testing facilities, which has various features suitable for 5G applications, such as built-in LNA, internal digital attenuator, optical and RF power indicators, and an optical managed switch. The Optical Routing can be implemented by the customer, or provided by RFOptic.

The scalable solution can bridge almost any distance and can be monitored remotely. It can be provided as an OEM solution upon request.

An example of 5G deployment is our 5G solution for 5G Antenna mm-Wavelength supports 27GHz and above, when coax is too limited. This scalable solution is lightweight with low OPEX. The solution can be monitored remotely for convenience. It features low power consumption, direct modulation, and utilizes up- down conversation methods.

Key Features

5G Base Station Testing

  • Scalable solution up to 6GHz
  • Built-in LNA
  • Built-in iinternal digital attenuator
  • Built-in optical power meter
  • Suitable for various 5G applications
  • Low maintenance
  • High ROI

5G Antenna mm-Wavelength

  • HSFDR Links with WDM
  • 27GHz – 40GHz RFoF links with pre and post amplifier
  • Gain control
  • Good Noise Figure (NF)
  • Low power consumption
  • Up-down conversation methodology


  • 5G base station testing facilities
  • 5G antenna at 27GHz and above
  • 5G remote antenna
  • Satcom