About RFOptic

RFOptic designs, develops, integrates, manufactures, markets, and sells its RF over Fiber (RFoF) commercial off-the-shelf products for civil 5G and defense applications. RFOptic provides innovated Electro-Optics / RF modules & subsystems designed and tailored to each customer.

It is our mission to provide state-of-the-art RF-Optical solutions with superior performances to the 5G/6G testing emerging markets, and the EW/Radar/Satcom defense markets through cooperation with strategic partners.

RFOptic sales offices includes RFOptic Inc., RFOptic’s U.S. subsidiary which provides sales services and pre and post customer support to North American customers. RFOptic acts worldwide through its distribution network.

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Our Value Proposition

  • High value RF-Optical solutions with superior performances to the 5G/5G testing emerging markets
  • Wide range of off-the-shelf products at IF, VHF, UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka bands (RFoF direct modulation and HSFDR indirect modulation)
  • Innovative high-performance RF over Fiber solutions
  • Customized products with off-the-shelf advantages
  • Highly integrated plug & play RF-Optical solutions
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio
  • Short delivery lead-time
  • Excellent customer service and rapid response time
  • Worldwide network of distribution partners

Our Product Portfolio

Off-the-the-shelf products

Our Technologies

Optical domain – GaAs & InGaAsP lasers, receivers, modulators, optical amplifiers, optical switches, semiconductors, components miniaturization.

RF domain – Amplifiers, MMIC, coherent sources, synthesizers, RF & Optical design & integration capabilities.

RF & Optical module / subsystem – Multichip module and system design from idea to proof of concept and production.

Customized RFoF and ODL subsystems

  • RFoF for communications, cellular, satellite, GPS, broadcast
  • Optical Delay Line: ODL fixed value, switchable and progressive for radar calibration
Why RFOptic?

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in formulating new concepts and designs. When working with us, you can improve timing or be first to market with a new product or solution. Cooperating with RFOptic will bring added value to your company, mitigate technical risk, and reduce the need for additional in-house R&D resources. As RFOptic, we are an innovative, high-quality company, ready to do business.