About RFOptic

RFOptic designs, develops, integrates, manufactures, markets, and sells its RF over Fiber (RFoF) commercial off-the-shelf products for civil 5G and defense applications. RFOptic provides innovated Electro-Optics / RF modules & subsystems designed and tailored to each customer.

It is our mission to provide state-of-the-art RF-Optical solutions with superior performances to the 5G/6G testing emerging markets, and the EW/Radar/Satcom defense markets through cooperation with strategic partners.

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Our Value Proposition

  • High value RF-Optical solutions with superior performances to the 5G/5G testing emerging markets
  • Wide range of off-the-shelf products at IF, VHF, UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka bands (RFoF direct modulation and HSFDR indirect modulation)
  • Innovative high-performance RF over Fiber solutions
  • Customized products with off-the-shelf advantages
  • Highly integrated plug & play RF-Optical solutions
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio
  • Short delivery lead-time
  • Excellent customer service and rapid response time
  • Worldwide network of distribution partners

Our Product Portfolio

Off-the-the-shelf products

Our Technologies

Optical domain – GaAs & InGaAsP lasers, receivers, modulators, optical amplifiers, optical switches, semiconductors, components miniaturization.

RF domain – Amplifiers, MMIC, coherent sources, synthesizers, RF & Optical design & integration capabilities.

RF & Optical module / subsystem – Multichip module and system design from idea to proof of concept and production.

Customized RFoF and ODL subsystems

  • RFoF for communications, cellular, satellite, GPS, broadcast
  • Optical Delay Line: ODL fixed value, switchable and progressive for radar calibration
Why RFOptic?

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in formulating new concepts and designs. When working with us, you can improve timing or be first to market with a new product or solution. Cooperating with RFOptic will bring added value to your company, mitigate technical risk, and reduce the need for additional in-house R&D resources. As RFOptic, we are an innovative, high-quality company, ready to do business.