RFOptic’s bi-directional programmable RFoF system provides RF performance that is superior to a coaxial cable interface. The system is composed of two terminals (B1, B2) that are connected to each other by single mode fibers (SMF). The system is tailored to the 5G cellular band and covers the entire 450MHz to 6GHz bandwidth. Each enclosure contains 4 RFoF terminals that use CWDM technology to route RF signals in both directions on a fiber connection.  The bi-directional RFoF channels provide excellent SFDR and are independently configurable. This flexibility of configuration and the sub-system remote management and control functionality through HTML/REST/SNMP interface allow the system to handle very different application requirements.


Key Features

  • Integrated and flexible bi-directional RFoF subsystem.
  • Full support for the 4505MHz to 6.0GHz bandwidth.
  • Excellent linearity, gain flatness, and gain control.
  • Programmable RF and Optical performance.
  • Integrated RF power sensors.
  • Built-in end-to-end diagnostics reduce installation and maintenance time.
  • Reduced gain variation over temperature option.
  • Remote management and control via TML/REST/SNMP interface.


  • Two 1U Indoor enclosure
  • Four bi-directional RFoF channels
  • Outdoor configuration is available


  • 5G test sites
  • DAS
  • Distributed Antenna


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