TV broadcast companies and audio applications for events must provide high-quality audio and video throughputs. Sometimes this requires increasing the range of the sensors (audio and video) over a few kilometers. Since using coax cable is in such a case impractical, RF over Fiber has become the preferred solution. RFOptic offers solutions to enhance the broadcaster’s coverage.

The up to 6 GHz with built-in LNA have the lowest noise figure of about 5dB, which allows using sensitive microphones or sensing very low signal levels. The gain at the Tx and Rx utilizes a 31.5 dB Attenuator with 0.5dB resolution to adjust. This is highly practical when the same gain of different links must use a different single-mode fiber link.

RFOptic offers this RFoF product group, which gives maximum flexibility to the user, together with an independent GUI that shows both optical and RF levels. This reduces the maintenance costs of broadcast companies.

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