5G testing with Radio Over Fiber

The Client | A leading mobile vendor.

The Challenge | For 5G deployment, the vendor needed to replace its existing copper coax infrastructure with an optical infrastructure, since the former cannot support 4GHz and 6GHz frequency bands. This will be escalated when higher frequencies are required.

The Solution | RFOptic replaced the copper coax with its RF over fiber solution connected to optical switch matrix that can be managed remotely for monitoring and control (M&C). The solution can be bidirectional or unidirectional, depending on the customer’s demand.

The result | By using RF over Fiber end-to-end solution, the vendor is able to manage his system remotely without visiting the site, which was especially important during the pandemic, and to reduce its OPEX dramatically. Moreover, changing configurations does not affect the solution, thanks to channel flexibility.



The Client | A leading Test & Measurement Company

The Challenge | The company was looking for a remote antenna solution for a spectrum monitoring system to be installed in a vehicle that would meet its spectrum requirements.

The Solution | RFOptic’s remote antenna solution consists of a control and monitoring center installed in a van and two antennas that are installed remotely at a distance of maximum 250 meters apart. The frequencies will be up to 8GHz. Furthermore, the equipment features remote management capabilities for M&C.

The result | The HSFDR link of 113 dB/Hz SFDR meets the signal requirements and also provides excellent phase noise, phase linearity, and gain flatness. The versatile solution was supplied with indoor and outdoor enclosures. The company has since ordered another system.


Radio telescope using RF over Fiber solutions, being adjusted for astronomical observation

The Client | A state-sponsored Radio Astronomy Observatory dedicated to scientific research by operating a Very Long Baseline Interferometry Global Observing System (VGOS) radio telescope.

The Challenge | The Client was looking for an Antenna Remoting solution for transmitting RF signals with a frequency range from 1 to 18 GHz over fiber while maintaining low spurious levels and excellent linearity for its VGOS radio telescope.

The Solution | The 18GHz HSFDR solution from RFOptic provides broadband 18 GHz fiber optic links meets the signal conditioning requirements for avoiding signal saturation and related complications such as ALC and power range switching with attenuators or gain blocks.

The result | The VGOS radio telescope operates smoothly at the required bandwidth. The Client is also impressed by the solution’s excellent phase noise, phase linearity, and gain flatness.


Pilot prepares for flight and checks the aerometric instruments altimeter artificial horizon heading indicator airspeed indicator, variometer. Glider instrument panel , soaring aircraft

The Client | A non-profit research organization that manages research centers to support US agencies in aviation, defense, and other industries.

The Challenge | The organization was looking for a solution to “trick” a flight simulator’s altimeter to think it is flying in the air, including taking off and landing scenarios.

The Solution | RFOptic customized an Optical Delay Line solution with high-resolution delay steps. The altimeter’s radar signal was delayed by the ODL based on the commands received from the flight simulation controller.

The result | The Altimeter ODL enabled the user to replicate the landing and taking off of planes with real-time accuracy for training pilots.


Multi-signal, Distributed, RF-Optical Routing for Phased Array

The Client | A multinational technology company

The Challenge | The tech company needed to distribute the GPS timing signals throughout its various manufacturing buildings. Each building had many locations to which the GPS signals had to be brought in.

The Solution | RFOptic provided its hub-and-spoke GPS distribution solution. The GPS signals were converted into optical signals that were distributed to various parts of the building, where they were converted back to GPS signals and connected to various timing devices.

The result | The tech company was able to use one GPS antenna to provide timing signals to not only many parts of the building but also to far-flung corners of the building, which could not be reached by coax cables.


RFOptic technology supporting UAV navigation systems with direction finder

The Client | US-based defense contractor

The Challenge | Direction Finder (DF) is an electronic warfare application that is used to find the location/direction of an RF signal. The accuracy of the DF increases as the height of the tower, where the antennas are placed, increases. However, the tower height is limited due to the signal losses caused by the coax cable.

The Solution | RFOptic provided its multilink environmentally hardened programmable RFoF solution. This enabled the RFoF modules to be placed very close to the antennas on top of the tower.

The result | The reach and accuracy of the Direction Finder increased significantly. Further, the user was able to remotely adjust the link gain levels to adjust the RF link budget to various incoming RF power levels.