RFOptic uses session and permanent cookies on its website and in its newsletter. Session cookies enable the server to establish a stable connection to website visitors as long as they browse on the RFOptic website. Sessions cookies are automatically erased once a user closes the website. Permanent cookies allow the saving of certain settings for several sessions or allow for an automated login. Once visitors use the RFOptic website, they consent to the application of permanent cookies and their respective functions. Users can block the application of cookies on their own browser or delete cookies. This could however, might impair the use of the RFOptic website.

In accordance with applicable law, RFOptic may install coding in its newsletters and other marketing emails. This allows RFOptic to determine if the recipient has opened a newsletter or email or downloaded pictures contained in the newsletter or email. Once recipients agree to receive RFOptic’s newsletters or other marketing related materials, they give their consent to the use of such installed coding. However, recipients can block this application in their email application or opt out from receiving any newsletter or marketing related emails from RFOptic.

Currently, RFOptic does not place any 3rd party advertisements (e.g., banners) on its website. If RFOptic will decide in the future to place such an advertisement on its own website or place its own advertisement on the website of a 3rd party, RFOptic reserves the right to use cookies from providers specializing in the use of such advertisements. In case of using such cookies, RFOptic will not disclose any personal data including to the operators of external websites.

RFOptic might use Google Analytics, WebTrends, Siteimprove or similar services on its website. These 3rd services allow RFOptic to measure and analyze the use of the RFOptic website. These services may be located in any country worldwide.  Such a service provider uses permanent cookies as well as HTML tags or JavaScript codes for these applications on RFOptic web pages. RFOptic will not disclose any personal data to such service providers. However, such service providers when monitoring the use of the RFOptic website by its visitors, combine this data with data from other websites that those service providers monitor and could use the findings for their own benefit. In such a case the processing of personal data will be the service provider’s responsibility and data shall be processed according to the data protection policies of that service provider.

RFOptic might also use plug-ins from social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Vimeo on its website. In the default setting of the RFOptic, such plug-ins are deactivated. The visitor and user of the RFOptic website or newsletter can choose if and when to activate them. Once the visitor or user activates the plug-in, the social media providers will be able to establish a direct connection to that user during his or her visit on the website or reading the newsletter, which allows the provider to be aware of the user’s visit. This may result in that provider analyzing the respective information. The subsequent processing of such personal data will be the responsibility of that provider according to its data protection policies. The provider of the respective social media offering will not disclose any information to RFOptic.

RFOptic may send newsletters or marketing material in connection with its products and services to individuals and business partners whom have registered for this purpose. At any time, such individuals and business parties can object to receiving any further newsletters or other commercial communications through the link indicated in every newsletter and mailer. RFOptic might use cookies, customized links or similar technologies to trace if its newsletters have been received and opened. Tracking helps RFOptic to tailor the newsletters to the needs of the recipients and generally to improve performance and the relevance.

RFOptic may make changes to this Cookie Policy. The most current version of the Cookie Policy will govern RFOptic’s use of cookies and can be found on www.rfoptic.com/cookie-policy. In case of material changes to this Cookie Policy, RFOptic will notify by posting a notice on the RFOptic website. By continuing to access, visit, or use the RFOptic website after any changes to this Privacy Cookie Policy, the website visitors are bound by the revised version of this Cookie Policy.

To change how RFOptic uses your personal data, please contact us.

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