RFOptic provides optical RF drone and UAV communication solutions to meet the growing demand for Military Aerospace (Mil-Aero) applications due to the increased use of drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by military/defense forces. 

RFOptic provides unique RFoF bi-directional solutions for remote ground stations, which are crucial for safe UAV and Drone operations. Such remote antenna links are available with coverage up to 6GHz, 12GHz and above upon customer’s request. These products support from hundreds of meters up to several kilometers of safety distance between the operator and the drone control antenna(s).

For this EW (Electronic Warfare) segment, RFOptic offers optical RF solutions for UAVs and drones from 2.5GHz to 40Ghz that can be for 1 link or several links and one fiber utilizing a DWDM solution.

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