Programmable RFoF units – Bidirectional
Programmable RFoF units – Bidirectional

Earlier this year, RFOptic has launched its next-generation programmable RFoF solutions. They come in three versions that operate from 500 kilohertz up to 2.5GHz, 3GHz and 6GHz. A version with Bias-T that supports GPS applications is also available. In the video below, you can see that all versions have the same small form factor.

Let’s have a closer look at all the components that make up an RFoF set. Each set is made of Tx and Rx modules, 2 AC/DC adapters, fiber patch cable, 2 USB cables, and a USB drive.

  • The T-module is used to convert radio frequency signals (that are input) to converter, to optical signal.
  • The Tx module at the far end, is used to take in the fiber signal, optical signals, and output the RF signals.
  • The patch cable is provided so that the user can test the units before a field deployment in their labs.
  • The 3 USB cables are provided so that the user can simultaneously connect to both of the units from the data connectors.

The user interface allows the capability to connect to both of the devices at the same time. Through this interface, the user can set up and modify the S21 system gain, the P1dB compression point, as well as few other parameters such as optical power, LED indication and module information – either locally or remotely.

Furthermore, the RFoF link has full diagnostic capability including Tx, Rx and complete link test (Optical and RF). All these do not only save test equipment costs, but also provide real-time diagnostic of deployed links.

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