RFOptic’s RFoF 40.0GHz high-frequency Optical Delay Line (ODL) series for bands up to Ka provides a high-performance solution for testing and calibration of radar systems or for latency testing and qualifying RF communication equipment. The Optical Delay Line (ODL) provides a true time delay of wideband RF signals using low-loss optical fiber. The Input RF signal is converted to an optical signal, delayed by one or more single-mode optical fiber sections, and is converted back into RF signal at the output.

RFOptic’s Mini ODL solution, offered in a compact, robust enclosure, is recommended when only a few short delays of up to 15 μsec are required.

Detailed view of K-Band Optical Delay Line interface
RFOptic RFoF Optical Delay Line Device
K-Band ODL Optical Delay Line with precise frequency modulation capabilities

Key Features

  • Delays 1 nanosec to 500 μsec or more
  • Supports Frequencies – From DC to Ka
  • Delay Accuracy <0.5%
  • Customized Solution
  • Excellent Phase Noise
  • Displays Delay, Round-trip Distance, Range, and Altitude
  • High Dynamic Range
  • USB API for Automatic Testing


  • Single Delay ODL
  • Multi Delay ODL
  • Progressive Variable ODL forming up to 4,096 delay combinations
  • Bidirectional ODL
  • Multipath ODL
  • Mini ODL up to 34 up to 18GHz μsec)



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