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Our RF over Fiber HSFDR converters (RFoF) are suitable for any application where SFDR and good stability are required.

For your convenience, please find below an overview of the low frequency coverage of our RFoF products

Product Bands
RFoF 12GHz HSFDR RFoF modules Up to X band (up to and including 12GHz)
RFoF 18GHz HSFDR RFoF modules Up to Ku band (up to and including 18GHz)
RFoF 20GHz HSFDR RFoF modules Up to K band (up to and including 20GHz)
RFoF 30GHz HSFDR RFoF modules Up to K band (up to and including 30GHz)
RFoF 40GHz HSFDR RFoF modules Up to Ka band (up to and including 40GHz)

All our modules without amplification start from a few KHz up to the desired upper frequency.

Analog RF over Fiber modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back. One unit has an optical transmitter which converts the signal from RF to Optical, and a second receiver unit converts the signal from Optical to RF. The optical transmitter is connected to the optical receiver by a single mode optical fiber provided by the customer.

RFOptic offers high frequency (up to and including 40GHz) RFoF solutions. The high frequency RFoF modules are based on indirect modulation and include 12GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, 30GHz, and 40GHz.

Frequency range of a few KHz up to and including 40GHz with good flatness, good phase noise, and excellent SFDR. The NF can be improved by adding a pre-amplifier amplifier and the total gain by pre/post or pre and post amplifiers. Parameters such as Gain, P1dB and Noise Figure can be modified upon request.

Applications include remote antenna, Electronic Warfare, radar, military and satcom communications, and radio telescope.

All high SFDR modules have the following unique features:

  1. Operating temperature -45 to 75 degrees, standard is -20°C to 70°C
  2. Gain Stability +/- 1.5dB between -45°C to 70°C
  3. Sub 1us fast modulation option
  4. Flat, full-band adjustable programmable attenuation.