RFOptic Ltd and Jiangsu Feiqi Networks China have signed a distribution agreement by which Jiangsu Feiqi Networks will now sell, distribute and support RFOptic range of products for the China region. The wide reach and deep connect of Jiangsu Feiqi Networks with its customers will support RFOptic to penetrate the Chinese market effectively. The RFOptic range of products has significant technological differentiator for Jiangsu Feiqi Networks. The technical expertise of Jiangsu Feiqi Networks in the Chinese Industry will be an enabler for integration of RFOptic’s range of products in various solutions being pioneered by Jiangsu Feiqi Networks.

“Jiangsu Feiqi Networks is happy to be a value added distributor for RFOptic range of products.  RFOptic products will dovetail into our offerings in the defense and communications arena.  It is indeed a privilege to associate with the kind of technology that RFOptic has successfully put into its products”, said Mr. Chen He – president of Jiangsu Feiqi Networks Technologies.
Mr. Oz Abramson, R&D Vice President, RFOptic expressed his thoughts by saying: “We are very pleased to team with Jiangsu Feiqi Networks as a partner in the Chinese local market for various applications. Jiangsu Feiqi Networks brings its technology and business experience in the markets and can leverage RFOptic in the fast growing local Chinese market. The combination of Jiangsu Feiqi Networks technical capabilities together with RFOptic capabilities in the electro optical and the RF technologies enables both parties to become significant player in the RFoF emerging market.”


About RFOptic
RFOptic  is a global provider of off-the-shelf and customized innovative optical RF solutions including RF-Over-Fiber and Optical-Delay-Line products. RFOptic provides its solutions for existing and next-generation Radar and EW systems and for Satcom and Telecommunications providers and integrators. RFOptic’s products are based on proprietary technology, knowhow and high level engineering. For more Information, visit https://www.rfoptic.com.


About Jiangsu Feiqi Networks Technologies
Jiangsu Feiqi Networks concentrate on communication and electronic products, and emphasis on net work products. Jiangsu Feiqi Networks has professional sales and technology team which can provide the best solution for its customers.