Experienced engineer / technician for the integration, manufacturing, and development of RF integrated electro-optical systems


  • Engineering degree or equivalent background as a technician (a must)
  • At least 5 years of working experience in manufacturing optical fiber and electro-optic systems and components (a must)
  • Experience in production and assemblies (a must)
  • Experience in working with suppliers and subcontractors (a must)
  • Knowledge and understanding of mechanical and assembly drawings (a must)
  • Knowledge of test equipment and microwave testing (an advantage)

Job description

  • Working with optical and fiber components
  • Assembling and producing modules and electro-optical systems
  • Optical and electrical testing of the optical components and modules
  • Preparing kits for creating modules for subcontractors
  • Providing logistical and mechanical assistance for product development, manufacturing, etc.
  • Supporting new product development
  • Finalizing and updating product portfolios together with subcontractors

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