Leading electro optical and thermal imaging system house in Israel selected RFOptic’s OPG product line for measurements and calibration its electro optical systems.

RFOptic Ltd. introduces its optical pulse/signal generator modules (OPG) where the optical signal follows any electrical input signal with bandwidth of more than 100 MHz, peak power of output signal larger than 20mW and pulse width from 10ns to CW at 1550nm wavelength. OPG modules with similar performances are also available at wavelengths of 1480nm, 1300nm, 1064nm, 980nm, 830nm and 650nm. The OPGs modules are a turnkey solution, which provides superb performances in stability quality through a single mode fiber output, and could be purchased with different polarization states.

Oz Abramson, RFOtpic’s R&D Vice President said “we are proud to provide the optical pulse generator to the leading defense customer. The OPG was designed after gaining a lot of experience and understating of customers applications. Knowing the ultimate requirements of our customer, we provided the best cost performance optical pulse generator exist in the market.