Leading microwave and radar system house in Israel selected RFOptic ODL product line for integration and calibration purposes. The ODL is used as test equipment which is installed in standard rack mounts for measuring and calibrating the round trip of various pulse series of the Radar, and was tested by the ground surveillance system engineers. “RFOptic offers the test equipment instruments for the integration and testing our systems with excellent cost performance and flexibility. It enables us even to consider utilizing this equipment as a part of standard measurement and calibration equipment” said the radar house senior executive.

Dr. Avner Sharon, RFOtpic’s CEO said: “we are proud to provide the ODL series to our customer, We will continue to keep high standards of our products reliability and accuracy today to ensure the best customer’s experience tomorrow. Being a provider of this leading radar system house, helps RFOptic to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of competition”.