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RFOptic’s subsystems for end-to-end solutions

RF over Fiber 1U and 1U/2U Subsystems with Removable PanelsSubsystems

At RFOptic, we are known for our RFoF links with superior performance, flexibility, monitoring ability and more. To meet the requirement of customers, we are now also offering subsystems that include diverse enclosures (indoor, outdoor or mixed) supporting multiple RFoF links with monitoring and management capabilities.

To supply truly end-to-end solutions, we cooperate with various integrators and optical suppliers specializing in e.g., fiber and patch panels. Our subsystems are operating up to 40 GHz with remote management SNMP/HTML/REST capabilities offered for most products.

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor enclosures in different sizes and capacities. All our enclosures can be controlled remotely and are available with an IFL link which uses a fiber pair to control remote units through the local enclosure. The IFL feature provides an Ethernet extender facility that can be used to deliver IP traffic to the remote site.

Our subsystems are deployed at several major organizations.

  • A large US telecom company opted for subsystems consisting of RFoF enclosures with 8 RFoF links and a webserver monitoring option.
  • A world-renowned EW integrator deployed indoor and outdoor subsystems with webserver V2c monitoring and control.
  • A leading military communications integrator opted for an indoor and outdoor remote antenna solution using SNMP V2c monitoring and control to operate in a very cold and remote area.

Some of our subsystems include RF over Fiber 1U and 1U/2U Subsystems with Removable Panels, and RF over Fiber Subsystems for Outdoors,