RFOptic was selected by a major US national research and development laboratory as a supplier of RF over Fiber Optical systems. 

Tel- Aviv  July 17, 2014

RFOptic was selected by a national US Laboratory established to deliver essential science and technology to resolve challenging security issues.

The customer had to transport several bi-directional signals from one satellite location to several locations. RFOptic along with its NA partner, Summit Communications Solutions, provided its flagship 5.2 GHz RFoF solutions.  To provide a cost effective and simple solution the RF signals from the satellite dish were split several ways so that the amount of optical transmitters could be minimized.  This approach required detailed link budget calculations that had to satisfy the requirements of several groups involved in this project.

RFOptic’s RF over Fiber modules (RFoF) are suitable for telecommunications and radar applications.  They are used in a variety of applications from Satellite, to DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), to Broadcasting to GPS, and to CATV applications where the RF signal has to be transported over long distances. In general RFoF (aka RF over Glass) Solutions are used when fiber instead of coax cable needs to be used for loss-sensitive applications since RF signal’s losses increase as the coax cable gets longer.  RFOptic’s analog RFoF compact modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back.   RFOPtic provides RFoF solutions for frequencies as low as 15 KHz and as high as 20 GHz.

Oz Abramson, RFOptic V.P, said: “We are proud to be selected by such an organization. Our strategy of fast delivery combined with customization and unique industry leading solutions, helped us to be selected. We see potential work with U.S customers. The demand for RF optical is in rapid growth since many customers understands  that RF over Fiber technology can be  used for relatively long distances where RF cables are failing due to high insertion loss. Using thicker coax usually does not help since it increases the deployment costs.

Omer Sabuncu, President of SummitCSC, added: “We are excited to be a solution partner for such an important project”.

RFOptic Company is a global provider of innovative optical test and measurement solutions.  RFOptic provides solutions for existing and next-generation Radar and EW (Electronic Warfare) systems and operators.  RFOptic products include optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Summit Communications Solutions, Corp, (www.SummitCSC.com) is a Manufacturer’s Representative based in Summit, NJ.  SummitCSC works with several Equipment Manufacturers to provide innovative solutions to solve operators’ RF, optical, and performance monitoring challenges. Summit Communications is RFOptic’s US distributor and provides both technical and commercial support to its North American accounts.