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July 2021 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we discuss the progress we made during H1, including closing our first 5G deals with two Fortune 500 companies. We have also launched our integrated remote monitoring & Control M&C system, and updated our low-frequency RFoF brochures.

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March 2021 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we discuss the launching of new products and an incredible number of new customers during Q1. Our expanded ODL product portfolio now consists of three groups, including our new Altimeter ODL for radar testing. We also launched a new phase-matched multi-channel 6GHz RFoF subsystem.

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December 2020 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we discuss the rollout of our proven 5G and EW solutions worldwide, a new design and extended functionality of our ODL product line, and the serial production of our HSFDR solutions. We also launched our local and remote management & monitoring software.

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June 2020 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we introduce two new offerings: phase-matched RFoF up to 6GHz (up to 20 GHz in the near future) and high-frequency links with an ultra-low spurious level of <-95dBm. We also won a tender in South Africa together with Accutronics. Last but not least, we our RFoF solution was deployed at a football stadium replacing coax.


Update – March 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, RFOptic has been working closely together with its suppliers to enable quick turnaround time. As a result, timely delivery is ensured since  most of our RFoF products in stock (e.g., RFOptic’s up to 6.0GHz RFoF for teleheatlh / telemedicine applications).


Q4 2019 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we introduce our new line of High SFDR RFoF solutions. We have discuss that RFOptic provides links as well as subsystems, and elaborate on our gain matching capabilities. We also update you on our latest success stories and mention two important events that we attended.

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June 2019 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we mention that RFOptic provides RF links as well as end-to-end solutions. We also discuss how our RF over Fiber links can also operate from as low as 300 KHz (low frequency cut-off for the programmable RFoF series) for those customers requiring low frequency coverage. Last but not least – our R&D department is working on two exciting projects (IFL, redundant channel 1:1 & bi-directional link).


April 2019 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we mention the deals that we closed deals in SA and the US with large system integrators for subsystem solutions with SNMP/HTML. We are proud to announce that we will offer high SFDR 20, 30, 40 GHz RFoF with better Noise Figure and Gain in Q3 of this year. Furthermore, our Optical Delay Line solutions are gaining momentum in Korea, the UK and the US.


February 2019 – Newsletter

In this newsletter, we discuss our new outdoor enclosures with military or industrial grade connectors for the North American market, and mention our new partnership agreements with FIS Blue and Accutronics. We also point out that we can provide any product from the programmable RFoF family within days directly from stock.

RFOptic's 40GHz RFoF and ODL solutions

December 2018 – Newsletter

Welcome to our last newsletter of this year. It has been a busy time for RFOptic. We have introduced our latest generation of 40GHz RFoF and ODL solutions as well as our new innovative GPS over Fiber product line suitable for GPS over Fiber, timing synchronization, and DAS. We are also putting the spotlight on our multi-link solutions especially suitable for broadcast, GPS, remote antenna and Satcom. Last but not least, RFOptic has more than doubled its market share in the North American markets.


October 2018 – Newsletter

Welcome to our fifth newsletter of this year. It has been a busy time for RFOptic. Apart from ramping up our production due to increased demand, we also attended two industry events which gave us the opportunity to catch up with some of our distributors. We are also introducing a new line of enclosures to meet the demands of our customers. We  also closed a distributor agreement with Sematron España. We would also like to draw your attention to RFOptic’s RFoF Programmable Family.

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August 2018 – Newsletter

Welcome to our fourth newsletter of 2018. We have developed our new RFoF 40GHz solution suitable for the 5G cellular band of 24.5GHz to 27.5GHz which is now commercially available. Furthermore, our Tx/Rx converters up to 6GHz are compatible with the existing equipment of other suppliers. By using our RFoF solutions for their audio and video applications, they will get even better performance. We also like to mention our high spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) feature.


June 2018 – Newsletter

Welcome to our third newsletter of 2018. As announced in our previous newsletter, we have launched our SNMP/HTML remote management for RFoF unidirectional and bidirectional applications. Our ODL solutions keep gaining momentum, with system integrators in the US and East Asia placing orders. Apart from ODL, there is also an increased demand for our OEM and end-to-end solutions.

RFOptic Enclosures

April 2018 – Newsletter

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2018. Our 40GHz RF over Fiber link for RFoF and ODL is here and one of our major customers has already ordered. We are  sharing a short case study about our technical support expertise. Our partners are one of the main drivers for our commercial success, as our 6-year cooperation with our US distributor shows. We also updated our FAQ regarding ODL.

February 2018 – Newsletter

2018 is going to be an exciting year for RFOptic. As part of our ongoing R&D to make our offerings even better, we have added temperature compensation capability to our RF over Fiber programmable line products. We also launched RF over fiber for phased array applications and are going global with our ODL providing affordable customized solutions for specialty applications.

December 2017 – Newsletter

2017 has been a great year for RFOptic and on behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank our customers, distributors and partners who contributed to our success. Some of the highlights: we have launched several new products, including controllable RFoF OEM cards. In July, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory testing of RFOptic’s Programmable RFoF solutions successfully.

October 2017 Newsletter

Spotlight on RFOptic’s Programmable RFoF Solutions
RF over Fiber is gaining in popularity as a great alternative for replacing coax (copper), especially in the defense, broadcasting and telecom sectors.

Since deploying fiber technology is complicated, we have developed RFoF solutions that are customizable to enable maximum flexibility for our customers. Our programmable RFoF product family is available at 0.0005 to 2.5GHz, 3.0GHz and 6.0GHz respectively, with excellent noise figure.