RFOptic was selected by Nexsus UK, a leading company in the traffic announcement and ticketing in all types of transportation. RFoF systems will be used for transmit and receive signals at distances of 10-20 Km. RFOptic was selected after a successful trial with its RFoF 2.4 GHz system. RF over fiber systems are used to replace RF cables which has large loss at long ranges. RFOptic’s RFoF systems are fully transparent to both analogue and digital signals and can operate up to 20 GHz.  In addition RFOptic has a product line of optical delay line which is used for Radar and RF systems calibration and simulation.

Dr. Avner Sharon RFOptic CEO said: “We are proud to be selected by Nexsus and we will keep our strategy which is fast delivery time together with customization and unique solutions upon customer’s request. We see that more and more customers are happy with the RF over Fiber technology which is used for relatively long distances where RF cables are failed due to high insertion loss”.