Our High Performance Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communications

Series from RFOptic with delays from 10ns-1000μs
Mini Optical Delay Line Series, RFOptics super-compact ODL for single delay up to 15 μsec
Optical Delay Line - 2 Boxes allows for future expansion of your ODL unit & provides cost investment protection

RFOptic provides any fixed time delay between 0.1 and 300 μsec (fixed) to our customers. At special request, >300 μsec can be provided. The ODL is operated as a standalone unit with no need for any intervention by the operator. It can also be controlled externally from  a PC through various communication interfaces.

In general, we offer two groups of ODLs: (1) Any type of fixed, variable, or mini ODL up to 6GHz with direct modulation (L, S, & C bands), and (2) any type of fixed, variable, or mini up to 40 GHz with indirect modulation (X, Ku, & Ka bands).

Options include: 6GHz, 8GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, and 40GHz. Other options include: Variable ODL, also known as “switched ODL” or “progressive ODL” which supports up to 12 distinct delay lines (when hundreds of delay combinations are needed), Mini Optical Delay Line (a compact desktop module that supports a single delay line of up to 15 microsec), and RFOptic’s ODL 2 Boxes series for testing and calibrating radar systems or for RF communication.

ODL features include:

  • RF delay accuracy: 0.5%
  • Software: Local and remote through RS-232 or LNA
  • Max. delays: From 10 nsec to 1000 usec
  • Number of states: Up to 255 delays (up to 4096 at special request)
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Option for Doppler Module



  • Radar testing
  • Remote antenna & Radar calibration
  • Electronic warfare and defense applications
  • Telecommunications testing and simulating channel delay
  • Radar for the automotive industry