Our High Performance Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communications

Series from RFOptic with delays from 10ns-1000μs
Mini Optical Delay Line (ODL) Series
Optical Delay Line - 2 Boxes allows for future expansion of your ODL unit & provides cost investment protection

RFOptic provides any fixed time delay between 0.1 and 300 μsec (fixed) to our customers. At special request, >300 μsec can be provided. The ODL is operated as a standalone unit with no need for any intervention by the operator. It can also be controlled externally from  a PC through various communication interfaces.

In general, we offer three groups of ODLs:


  1. Any type of fixed or variable ODL up to 6GHz with direct modulation (L, S, & C bands)
  2. Any type of fixed or variable ODL up to 8GHz – 18GHz with indirect modulation (L, S, C, X, &  Ku bands).
  3. Any type of fixed or variable ODL of up to 20GHz, up to 30GHz and up to 40GHz

Other options include: variable ODL, also known as “switched ODL” or “progressive ODL” which supports up to 12 distinct delay lines (when hundreds of delay combinations are needed).

ODL features include:

  • RF delay accuracy: 0.5%
  • Software: Local and remote through RS-232 or LNA
  • Max. delays: From 10 nsec to 1000 usec
  • Number of states: Up to 255 delays (up to 4096 at special request)
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Option for Doppler Module



  • Radar testing
  • Remote antenna & Radar calibration
  • Electronic warfare and defense applications
  • Telecommunications testing and simulating channel delay
  • Radar for the automotive industry