Optical Delay Line

Our High Performance Low Frequency Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions meet the growing demand for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communication. We provide low and high frequency ODLs, depending on the needs of the customer.

The low frequency ODLs include any type of fixed or progressive ODL of up to 6.0GHz with direct modulation (L, S, & C bands) as well as RADAR Altimeter Test for the testing and calibration of radar altimeter systems.

The high frequency ODLs include fixed or progressive ODL covering from 1GHz up to 12GHz or 18GHz with indirect modulation (L, S, C, X, &  Ku bands), and fixed or progressive ODL covering from 1GHz up to 20GHz, up to 27GHz, and up to 40GHz upon request. (K and Ka bands).

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RFoF HSFDR for Satellite remote antenna applications
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Phase-Matched CWDM Multi-link RFoF
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RADAR Altimeter Test
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Multi-signal, Distributed, RF-Optical Routing for Phased Array
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Ultra-wideband, Distributed, RFoF Frequency Converter
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