High Performance Optical Delay Line solutions for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communications.

Optical Delay Line is an electric-optic device that performs fixed time delay(s). The time delay is between few nanoseconds up to several hundred microseconds. By varying the distance that light travels, the delay time can be controlled.

The ODL module converts analog RF signals to optical signals and back at 0.1 MHz – 20 GHz range. A fixed time delay is defined by the fiber length.

The RF Delay Line module operates as a standalone unit with no need for any intervention by the operator. It is also controlled by a laptop through various communication interfaces.

RFOptic’s Optic Delay Line module is a compact ODL unit. It provides superb performance including accurate time delay and with ultra silent operation.

The ODL module can be provided with an integral switch unit. It supports up to 8 predefined time delay values in a single ODL unit.

ODL Features:

  • Optical Delays: 0.1  -500 μsec (fixed), special request >500 μsec
  • Frequency Range: L, S, C, X and Ku radar bands (0.1 MHz – 20GHz) ODL versions
  • RF Delay accuracy: 0.5%
  • Remote Control: RS-232 or Ethernet
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Variety of configurations
  • Up to 15 usec delay line can be housed as mini ODL
  • Progressive up to 255 delays with fixed optical gain
  • Option for Doppler Module


  • Radar testing
  • Remote antenna & Radar calibration
  • Electronic warfare and defense applications
  • Telecommunications testing and simulating channel delay
  • Radar for the automotive industry


  • ODL 2 Boxes
  • 2U/3U Enclosure
  • Mini ODL