The Part Numbers Configurator is RFOptic’s helpful graphic explanation for configuring part numbers for RFOptic’s subsystems.

Part numbers for our sub-systems are defined using the following form. Each feature or parameter is specified using alphanumeric values which are combined in specific order to completely specify the desired enclosure.

For example:
RFoFc-R1SF0T4RIHNA03 describes a 1U removable chassis with RJ-45 connector for HTML/SNMP-based remote communication, no interfacility link, AC power, SMA, and FC/APC type connectors housing 0 Tx and 4 Rx RFoF modules supporting up to 3 GHz.

Please note that example above includes a custom suffix and is for illustration purposes only. Custom suffixes are assigned internally to designate non-standard enclosures and systems.