RFOptic Has Launched Its Latest Generation of 40GHz RFoF and ODL Solutions

RFOptic, a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions, announced today that it has launched its latest generation of 40GHz ultra-wideband solutions. RFOptic has launched its next generation of 40GHz RF over Fiber compact modules with superior features for telecommunications and defense applications, satellite, point-to-point remote antennas and broadcast.…

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RFOptic is Rolling out its Optical Delay Line Solutions Worldwide

RFOptic, a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions, announced today that it is rolling out its Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions worldwide leveraging its successful deployments in measurement of distances for radar calibration with unparalleled accuracy levels based on predefined ranges. RFOptic’s Optic Delay Line systems (ODL) are used for transposing signals…

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