MIni Series High Frequency RFoF
MiniQ RFoF series provide spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) better than -112dB/Hz

Our 8GHz – 40GHz RF over Fiber  High Frequency Solutions

These RF over Fiber transmitters and receivers are relatively compact modules with various frequency ranges between 8GHz and up to and including 40 GHz. The electrical interface and dimensions can be tailored per customer request. Features include various RF gains, P1dB, noise figure by adding amplifiers, high P1dB`13 dBm and RS232 communications. Enclosures can be unidirectional or bidirectional.

Options include our Mini Series of 8GHz RFoF (10MHz – 8.0GHz),15GHz RFoF (10MHz – 15GHz), 18GHz RFoF (10MHz – 18GHz), and our SFDR MiniQ series of 18GHz RFoF (10MHz – 18GHz),  20GHz RFoF (10MHz – 20GHz), 30GHz RFoF, and 40GHz RFoF (10MHz – 40GHz).

RFoF 2.5 - 6 GHz
RFoF Low Frequency

Our 0.5MHz – 6GHz Programmable RF over Fiber Low Frequency Solutions

These broad-spectrum solutions are RFoF links with Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and attenuators which can be adjusted, or “programmed”, through the GUI. This enables the user to modify the System Gain, S21, P1dB compression point, and Noise Figure (NF) levels. The Noise Figure of these links can be as low as 5 dBm. Tx and Rx modules are quite small fitting into the palm of a hand. The units can be monitored and managed remotely with RFOptic’s unique SNMP/HTML capability.

Options include: 2.5GHz RFoF with optional GPS (0.5MHz – 2.5GHz), 3.0GHz RFoF (0.5MHz – 3.0GHz), 4.0GHz RFoF (0.5MHz – 4.0GHz), 6.0GHz RFoF (0.5MHz – 6.0 GHz). Other options include: Bidirectional (2-way) over Fiber receiver (2.5GHz – 6.0GHz) and CWDM 8 channel multiplexer (mux) / demultiplexer (demux) devices.

Variable ODL

Our up to 40GHz Optical Delay Line Solutions

Options include: Fixed Optical Delay Line with 6GHz, 8GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, and 40GHz (each of which supports up to 8 distinct delay lines). Other options include Variable ODL, also known as “switched ODL” or “progressive ODL” (when hundreds of delay combinations are needed), Mini Optical Delay Line (a compact desktop module that supports a single delay line of up to 15 microsec), and RFOptic’s ODL 2 Boxes series for testing and calibrating radar systems or for RF communication.

Controllable RF over Fiber OEM cards; precision components for product manufacturing

Our up to 6GHz RFoF OEM solutions for high volume

Our small size analog RFoF cards are available for companies who need RF over Fiber technology in their products (high volumes of at least a few hundred units).

This card, either Tx or Rx, comes as a board with optical, RF connector and DC interface. A control/diagnostic port is available in a small size micro USB interface on board.

Options include: 0.05 MHz – 2.5GHz, 0.05 MHz – 3GHz, 0.05 MHz – 6GHz.

Our user-friendly RFoF software enables monitoring and adjustment of the RF and Optical parameters, such as link gain, Noise Figure, P1dB, Optical power, status LED indication and module information, either locally or remotely.