RFOptic’s GPSoF solution is a 5g module designed to distribute the GPS timing signals throughout various buildings with many locations to which the GPS signals must be brought in. The GPS signals are converted into optical signals that are distributed to various parts of the building, where they are converted back to GPS signals and connected to various timing devices. This allows one GPS antenna to provide timing signals to not only many parts of the building but also to far-flung corners of the building, which cannot be reached by coax cables.


Key Features

  • Programmable GPS Over Fiber modules
  • Broadband support from 0.5 MHz to 2.5 GHz including L1, L2, L5 frequencies
  • +5VDC Bias-T option with up to 250mA provides power to an active GPS antenna on the RF port.
  • Internal microcontroller for RF and Optical control through RFOptic App.
  • App controlled Embedded LNA and attenuator to provide S21 link gain up to +42 dB.
  • Better linearity, excellent gain flatness.
  • Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA with MDS ~-168 dB/Hz for very low incoming signals
  • End-to-end diagnostics to reduce installation and maintenance time, enabled by software.
  • Gain variation S21 (fo) of ±1 dB for 90° C variation, utilizing special algorithm.
  • Impedances of 50 Ohms and 75 Ohm.


  • Point-to-Point
  • Point-to-Multi Point (up to 16)
  • Outdoor Enclosure, ODU, houses up to 8 modules
  • 1U Chassis houses up to 8 modules
  • Redundant


  • Timing Signal transportation for GPS and GNSS
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • 5G/6G Networks
  • Data Centers


  • Local Management and Control through the micro-USB port on module using the RFOptic app
  • Ethernet based HTML/SNMP Remote M&C for RFoF modules housed in ODU or 1U chassis
  • UI based optical power gauge on Tx and Rx modules


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