RFOptic offers programmable low frequency (up to 6GHz) direct modulation RFoF solutions covering bandwidths from 0.5MHz up to 2.5GHz3GHz4GHz, and 6GHz. Enclosures containing sets of modules can be monitored & controlled remotely via USB or HTML/SNMP/REST interfaces.

For broadcast applications, our 2.5GHz with LNA On is the preferred option. Such RFoF solutions are especially suitable for 5G testing, EW applications, and remote antenna applications.

Key Features

  • RF bandwidth 5MHz up to 2.5GHz.
  • Excellent linearity, gain flatness, gain control in both Tx, Rx and Link terminals.
  • Noise Figure as low as 6 dB with LNA On, yielding an MDS of ~168 dB/Hz for very low incoming RF signals.
  • Microcontroller controlled RF and Optical configuration, enabled by software.
  • In module and end-to-end diagnostics reduces installation and maintenance time, enabled by software.
  • Gain variation S21 of ±1dB for 90°C range, utilizing special algorithms.
  • Remote management by GUI installed on PC.
  • Supports both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedances.


  • Single unidirectional or bidirectional RFoF link
  • Outdoor enclosure (unidirectional/bi-directional)
  • 1U Generic enclosure (4 terminals)
  • (1U,2U,3U) 19” rack mount Removable panel enclosure with capacities of (4/8/12) terminals respectively


  • Remote Antenna
  • Satcom
  • 2/3/4G LTE
  • Broadcast
  • Distributed Antenna
  • Radio telescopes
Frequency RangeMHz0.5 - 2500
Attenuator 31.5/0.5dB step (Tx, Rx)dB0.5
Maximum Input No damagedBm20
VSWR Input / OutputdBm2:1
Input / Output impedanceOhm50
Optical and Electrical
Laser diode wavelengthµm1.31 or 1.55
Operating temperature°C-20 to +70
EMC and Safety-CE & FCC