RFOptic’s offering includes RFoF solutions, including programmable low frequency (up to 6GHz) and the HSFDR up to 40GHz for Radio Telescope application solutions. Enclosures containing sets of modules can be monitored and controlled remotely via USB or HTML/SNMP/REST interfaces. The HSFDR RFoF is offered in 100MHz to 12, 18, 20, 30, and 40 GHz bandwidths. These RFoF solutions provide high SFDR exceeding 111 dB/Hz. Due to improved NF, a pre-amplifier may not be necessary. Such high-performance products are used in applications including civil communication, antenna remoting, telemetry, defense systems, satellite communications, and more.

For radio telescopes, we offer a customizable mix of 6GHz and 18GHz in 1U 19” rack mount and a companion outdoor enclosure.

Key Features

  • Custom configurations with a mix of RFoF links of various types. Any mix of RFoF terminals, including the programmable series with bandwidths up to 6GHz and the HSFDR series terminals supporting up to 40GHz.
  • Management and monitoring through USB or HTML/REST


  • Indoor and Outdoor enclosures with a mix of terminals
  • Configurations including unidirectional and bidirectional terminals. Multicast configurations with one to many RFoF links.
  • Multiple RFoF links in 1U 19” rack mount enclosure (4/8 terminals)
  • (1U,2U,3U) 19” rack mount Removable panel enclosure with capacities of (4/8/12) terminals respectively.
  • CWDM or DWDM multiplexing


  • Radio telescopes
Frequency RangeGHz0.1 - 40
Maximum Input No damagedBm20
VSWR Input / OutputdBm2:1
Input / Output impedanceOhm50
Optical and Electrical
Laser diode wavelengthµm1.31 or 1.55
Operating temperature°C-20 to +70
EMC and Safety-CE & FCC
Remote Management-USB or HTML/REST