• RFOptic’s quality policy conforms to the management system standard ISO 9001-2008 and to all the national and international applicable standards.
  • The Company is committed to supplying products and services that fulfill the customer’s stated requirements and expectations.
  • The Company’s commitment to quality is made by ALL of the company employees and subcontractors and as such is an integral part of their responsibilities.
  • The company uses non-hazardous standards and RoHS compliant.
    The Company will supply all of the resources needed to implement an effective quality system.
  • It is the Company’s policy to achieve continuous improvement of quality by setting measurable goals.
  • RFOptic’s activities in all areas stress non-conformity prevention, with the emphasis of building quality into our products and services.
  • RFOptic’s Quality System is an integral part of the management methodology of the organization and is designed to enhance and perpetuate the reputation of the
  • Company as a designer and manufacturer of reliable quality products.
  • Quality has no limits. As a company we are committed to a continual process of ongoing improvement.