RF SATCOM mmWAVE & Low Earth Orbit Solutions

RFOptic’s solutions for Satcom are mainly in L and C bands. We also provide a solution in Ku and Ka bands, which saves the down and up conversation and makes antenna maintenance much easier and cost-effective. Outdoor and indoor end-to-end solutions are available up to 40GHz for Ku and Ka satellite antennas. Our 30GHz solution is mainly for military Satcom.

The outdoor terminal can accommodate up to 6 Tx/Rx HSFDR modules, controlled by RFOptic’s Ethernet RF Monitoring and Control protocol, and uses an MPO optical connector. The indoor terminal can be installed up to several kilometers from the outdoor solution and accommodates up to 6 Tx and Rx modules with optimal IFL, allowing control of the outdoor unit remotely (if a LAN connection near the antenna is not possible).

Our solutions are also applicable for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) applications where the distance between the antenna and the controller is too long.

These solutions, working at Ku and Ka bands between the dish and the control, are designed to support earth stations & teleports.

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