The RFoF DAS extension system of RFOptic meets the demand of mobile system integrators by overcoming the loss caused by the coax infrastructure at frequencies above 5.0Ghz. It utilizes RFOptic’s unique technology and offers better performance than coax cables in terms of EVM and ACLR over a wide range of signal levels over long distances.
The 5G system is comprised of outdoor enclosures which are situated on the roof close to the antenna and indoor, connected by optical fibers. Each enclosure can be monitored and controlled remotely.


Key Features

  • Customized RFoF modules with enhanced performance
  • Supports up to 6.0GHz
  • Superior linearity
  • Excellent gain flatness
  • 10 dB Noise Figure with LNA ON (MDS -164dBm/Hz)
  • Management via HTML/REST/SNMP
    or USB
  • Link gain control (60dB with 0.5dB step)
  • End-to-end build-in diagnostic reduces installation and maintenance time


  • 19” 1U enclosure with up to 6 Tx or Rx
  • Outdoor enclosure with up to 6 Tx or Rx


  • 5G test sites
  • DAS
  • Distributed Antenna


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