RFOptic’s multi-link series

RFOptic is a leading provider of multi-links as well as standalone links RFoF solutions.

The analog multi-link RFoF solutions are designed to help customers deploy multi-channel solutions. This multi-link RFoF solution is flexible enough to accommodate any number of RFoF links, typically between 2 to 8 links in a single enclosure.

A multi-link solution comprises of two enclosures:  One enclosure housing the receive modules and the other the transmit modules.  In case bidirectional support is needed, each enclosure can house both Tx and Rx modules.

RFOptic provides a variety of rack mountable and outdoor enclosures based on the customer’s needs. Typically, the transmit modules are housed in the outdoor enclosure near the antenna and the receive modules are housed in a 1U chassis situated inside the control room.

The rack mountable chassis consists of a 19” 1U and can house up to 8 modules (Tx or Rx). It has SMA and FC/APC or SC/APC optical connectors and can be customized based on the customer’s needs.

The outdoor enclosure is IP-65 rated and has weatherized QPC QLink or MPO optical connectors and N-Type RF connectors

If there is a constraint on the fiber utilization, optical MUX can be implemented in each enclosure to reduce the number of physical fiber running between the transmit and receive modules

RFOptic’s multi-link enclosures can be managed and monitored locally or remotely. Remote management is done using RFOptic’s SNMP/HTML platform and enables the user to:

  • View events/alarms, and manage / control the status of each individual Tx and Rx module.
  • Troubleshoot by measuring the optical level and perform end-to-end RF tests.
  • Customize the S21 and NF of each link by adjusting RFoF modules internal LNA and attenuators

The multi-link solutions are especially suited for satellite applications where several links run in parallel. In case of a failure of one of the main channels, the system can switch automatically to a redundant channel. The system can also be provided with gain control at the receiver side in order to tune the gain to a certain required level. Furthermore, multi-link solutions are also popular with systems integrators that need to extend the coverage of 2-way radios such as walkie talkie systems

Key Features

  • Frequency ranges: From 0.5 MHz up to 2.5GHz / 3 GHz / 4 GHz / 6 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Programmable
  • SNMP/HTML management
  • Easy to maintain
  • Redundant power supply
  • >10 km transmission distance
  • Additional features/frequencies upon request


  • 1U generic enclosures (4/8 units)
  • 1U removable panel enclosures
  • 1U outdoor enclosures (4/8 units)


  • Broadcast
  • GPS
  • Remote Antenna
  • Satcom