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Technical optical RF support case study

In the RFoF and ODL industry, being a technology leader is not enough. Sure, potential and recurring customers benchmark the main providers against each other to see which technology fits their needs best. But it does not stop there. Once the sale is made or the pilot has started, a provider proves its true worth in the way problems are solved and service is provided. As RFOptic, we ensure that our solutions meet the requirements of our customers. Sometimes, this takes creative thinking and close cooperation with the technical support team of our customer.

Recently we designed a multilink custom solution. The deployment did not meet the customer’s strict requirements. There was a lot of time pressure, so we needed to help this customer as quickly as possible. We decided to locally purchase specialized equipment to make the necessary measurements and identify issues. Our engineers working closely together with the technical team of the customer to complete the measurement, conduct the calculations and identify the issue that was traced to the special cable connecting the modules. This joint localized approach allowed us to find the best solution to help the customer in very short time. The deployed system was reconfigured and met all the requirements.

The customer was impressed with our very fast response which is unparalleled in the market. We were able to do this, since we are a small and agile company which allows us to come up and implement creative solutions to help our customers.  As far as technical support goes, we work closely together with our dedicated distributors as well as the technical teams of our customers. This allows up to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, even when there are problems at system level.

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