To meet the need of customers, we have launched our high-frequency Altimeter Optical Delay Line (ALT ODL) to provide a high-performance solution for testing and calibration of radar altimeter systems. The ALT ODL is part of the RFOptic’s family of Optical Delay lines.

RFOptic’s ALT ODL unit is a compact solution, which provides superb signal performance and altitude simulation accuracy with an ultra-silent operation.

The ALT ODL can be configured to emulate a single altitude or up to 4,096 altitude steps.

The Altimeter ODL offers very high accuracy up to 0.3ns for altitude steps under 6ft and > 0.1% above. The maximum altitude can reach 100,000 feet or 30Km in one enclosure.

For more information, please visit the RADAR Altimeter Test webpage and download the RADAR Altimeter data sheet.

Key Features:

  • Altitude range 1 to 100,000 feet
  • Display Delay, Round-trip Distance, Range or Altitude
  • Customizable Steps
  • Supports frequencies from DC up to 6 GHz
  • Pulse and CW
  • Delay accuracy of 0.1%
  • Customized solution with short delivery time
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Excellent Phase Noise
  • USB API for automated tests


  • RF and Optical bypass
  • DC Power
  • External Delay
  • Amplitude Control
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Built-in diagnostics


  • Managed remotely by software or manually via a navigation switch


Customers who are looking for life demo and would like to make a field trial are invited to contact RFOptic at

For general request, interested parties can also summit a contact form via our website