To meet the need of customers to manage their many units remotely, (e.g., in highway tunnels, satcom applications etc.) RFOptic has launched its SNMP/HTML capability. This enables system integrators, operators and control center staff to monitor and manage their RFOptic systems remotely. In other words, customers can not only control the system, but also monitor and change parameters remotely.

Features & benefits include:

  • Knowing the status of each and every module
  • Receiving alerts from the modules and cards
  • Drilling down in the RFOptic software to:
    • control the modules
    • change all parameters, such as LNA (on / off) digital attenuation (at the Tx / Rx)
    • measure the optical and the RF power, reading all modules parameters.
  • Sending log files for investigation
  • Improved linearity and noise figure thanks to LNA and 31 dB attenuators in the Tx and the Rx enabling the customer to find the optimum working point with the specific fiber
  • Reduced Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA for very low incoming signals
  • An option to control the gain variation over temperature for 100 °C variation, utilizing special built-in algorithm
  • Optional Bias T in the Tx and the Rx
  • Allowing RF and Optical control (via the internal microcontroller)
  • Reducing installation and maintenance time (via end-to-end diagnostics)

The connection can be established in two modes:

  1. Via the SNMP interface, where RFOptic will provide the MIB and traps that the customer can use in its own NoC system. In other words, the SNMP provides a set of commands and alerts that the customer integrated in his own system with his own propriety GUI.
  2. Via a web browser, where the customer will receive a graphical description of the systems and modules utilizing the SNMP interface. This is an excellent option for smaller organizations that lack software support and therefore prefer an end-to-end solution including management & control.

The SNMP/HTML capability is suitable for RFOptic’s bidirectional, 1U generic, 1U removable units, as well as 2U removable units and all types of outdoors units. Any internal group that comprises even from one module can be supported. The customer can continue to support the modules locally as was done before.

Customers who are looking for life demo and would like to make a field trial are invited to contact RFOptic at

For general request, interested parties can also summit a contact form via our website