As announced before, Emcore is shutting down its broadband business and discontinuing one of its optoelectronics product lines. For Emcore customers, this means that they are looking for a new supplier, with RFOptic being the obvious choice. We not only offer equivalent market-leading products, but by choosing us, you will get much more! With our vast experience, we are an R&D-driven company, launching new products and solutions based on customer needs. We provide excellent support (from design to implementation), have fast delivery times, and strongly believe in being your partner for the long haul.

RFOptic offers low-frequency RFoF modules (up to 6GHz) direct modulation RFoF solutions covering bandwidths from 0.5MHz up to 6GHz. These modules are programmable over USB monitoring & control interface.They include 2.5GHz, 2.5GHz (GPS), 3GHz, 4GHz, and 6GHz. Enclosures containing sets of modules can be monitored and controlled remotely via HTML/SNMP/REST protocols.

For customers looking for a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) solution when multiple signals of very different power levels are expected, our HSFDR L and Q series meet their needs. Our RF over Fiber High SFDR (Low Noise) L-series consist of 12GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, 30GHz, and 40GHz RF over Fiber LN High SFDR. Our RF over Fiber High SFDR Q-series consist of 12GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, 30GHz, and 40GHz RF over Fiber High SFDR.

We provide high-performance low & high frequency Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communications. Our high-frequency ODL solutions include 12.0GHz, 18.0GHz, 20.0GHz, 27.0GHz, and 40.0GHz high-frequency Optical Delay Lines. Our low-frequency ODL solutions include 2.5GHz, 4.0GHz, and 6.0GHz

Our high-frequency RADAR Altimeter Test provides a high-performance solution for testing and calibrating Altimeter RADAR systems. It enabled the user to replicate the landing and taking off of planes with real-time accuracy for training pilots. This customized Optical Delay Line solution with high-resolution delay steps “tricks” a flight simulator’s altimeter to think it is flying in the air, including taking off and landing scenarios.

We provide subsystems for end-to-end solutions. Our subsystems are deployed at several major organizations. Our subsystems include 5G unidirectional systems, 5G bidirectional systems, RF over Fiber 1U and 1U/2U subsystems with removable panels, RF over Fiber subsystems for outdoors, redundant multi-channel programmable 2.5GHz RF over Fiber systems, and programmable phase-matched 6.0GHz RF over Fiber.

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