Tel Aviv – January 29, 2018  | RFOptic, a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions, announced today that it has launched its proprietary Link Gain Calculator. With the calculator, customers can determine not only the fiber length, but also the minimum detectable signal (MDS) to be used.

When customers consider using RF over Fiber, staying within the optical and RF link budget is a key factor. Since the Link Gain Calculator calculates the maximum fiber length that should be used, it is an important tool for planning the deployment.

We have developed our calculator to assist new customers that are considering using RF over Fiber. It allows them to stay within their optical and RF link budget,” explained Oz Abramson, VP at RFOptic. “The link gain calculator is also useful for our existing customers who bought RFOptic’s programmable RF over Fiber products up to 6GHz.”

For new customers that are considering using RFOptic’s RF over Fiber products, it will help them to simulate and calculate the deployment. This is especially useful for lab personnel as well as system integrators that are using fiber networks such as optical fibers, and optical splitters.

Furthermore, RFOptic’s unique built-in Low Noise Amplifier enables customers to get noise figures of typically less than 6dB. Moreover, RFOptic unique 31.5dB digital attenuator in 0.5dB steps in the Tx and the Rx can be tuned to the desired link performances.

To test the Link Gain Calculator for RFoF products up to 6GHz, click here.

About RFOptic

RFOptic is a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions. For the last 20 years, its team of industry veterans has been developing, designing and integrating superior quality technology for a wide range of RFoF and ODL solutions. The solutions are deployed at various industries, including broadcasting, aviation, automotive, and defense. RFOptic offers its customers and OEMs various off-the-shelf products, as well as custom-made solutions optimized for a wide range of RFoF products at affordable prices and with a quick turnaround. RFOptic makes it its mission to help its customers to turn innovation into real business by providing them with the highest quality, cutting edge RFoF solutions as well as customized solutions based on individual requests and objectives.

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