Tel Aviv August 7, 2017 | RFOptic, a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions, announced today that it has launched its new and controllable RF over Fiber (RFoF) OEM cards. These small size analog RFoF cards, either Tx or Rx, come as a board with optical, RF connector and DC interface. A control/diagnostic port is available in a small size micro USB interface on board.

The RF over Fiber link is comprised of 2 cards, Tx and Rx, which are identical in size and include LNAs and variable attenuators that enable selecting the Noise Figure, Input P1dB, IP3 over a wide range values to customize the dynamic range of the link.

For special applications requiring temperature stability operation, a unique algorithm supporting ±0.5dB variation over a wide temperature range of -200C to +700C has been developed. The RFoF modules are designed to operate using a flexible DC supply voltage from 5 to 12 Volts, while the RFoF link has full diagnostic capability, including Tx, Rx and complete link test (Optical and RF).

Controllable RFoF OEM card

Our controllable RFoF OEM cards offer an excellent solution for companies who need to add an RF over Fiber capability to their portfolio. The cards are easy to customize to fit the specific requirements of an OEM, stated Oz Abramson, VP marketing and business development at RFOptic. “Furthermore, the RFoF modules are designed to operate using a flexible DC supply voltage from 5 to 12 Volts.”

Key features of the programmable – OEM RFoF cards include:

  • Available at 0.0005-2.5GHz, 0.0005-3.0 GHz, 0.0005-6.0 GHz
  • Better linearity, excellent gain flatness, and Tx, Rx and Link gain control
  • Can be configured to Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA and IP3 of -10dBm
  • End-to-end diagnostics reduces integration and maintenance time, enabled by software
  • Gain variation S21(fo) of ±1 dB for 90 °C variation, utilizing special algorithm
  • Impedances of 50 Ohms and 75 Ohm
  • Optional built in Tx Bias-T
  • Customization is available upon request and min quantity

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About RFOptic

RFOptic is a leading provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions. For the last 20 years, its team of industry veterans has been developing, designing and integrating superior quality technology for a wide range of RFoF and ODL solutions. The solutions are deployed at various industries, including broadcasting, aviation, automotive, and defense. RFOptic offers its customers and OEMs various off-the-shelf products, as well as custom-made solutions optimized for a wide range of RFoF products at affordable prices and with a quick turnaround. RFOptic makes it its mission to help its customers to turn innovation into real business by providing them with the highest quality, cutting edge RFoF solutions as well as customized solutions based on individual requests and objectives.

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Mr. Oz Abramson, VP