RFOptic Monitor and Control Systems – Reducing Maintenance Time and OPEX

RFOptic’s Management and Monitoring Systems software can manage, monitor, and control RFoF converters locally and remotely. These control and monitor capabilities reduce the daily maintenance expense, allowing maintenance personnel to perform diagnostic tests and calibration in the field without special test equipment, and to locate faults and problems in the optical and RF domains. All management systems are user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to operate. Additional information can be found in the help files of the management software.

RFOptic’s Monitor and Control Systems software has two levels: local management and remote management. Both enable the change of operating parameters and provide status details for the RFoF converter modules.

Local Management

The short distance management via a USB GUI allows for reading the serial and part numbers, the optical power of both Tx and Rx units, module temperature, and the state log file for diagnostic analysis. It also enables setting up the default power-on state. The local management and monitoring system for RFoF programmable series up to 6GHz has additional information and control functions.

The USB control also features an API with which it is possible to programmatically control the RFoF converters in OEM and embedded applications.

Additional capabilities are available in an Advanced Mode of the USB RFoF configuration tool.

Remote Management

The remote management is possible with SNMP V2c, HTML webserver, and REST protocol. Under SNMP, the customer’s NOC or NMS can be used to control the RFoF converters and get immediate notification of any change in the status of the system. SNMP is particularly useful for large scale deployment. For smaller deployments, both indoor and outdoor cages provide an HTML/REST webserver-based remote management.

Management via Inter-Facility Link

At times, RFoF cages are placed at remote sites that do not have access to LAN or the Web. RFOptic provides an Inter-Facility Link (IFL) feature by which the management of the remote cage is done over the same bundle of fibers connecting the remote and local sites. With this IFL capability, RFOptic provides an additional auxiliary Ethernet port for each cage such that that it is available to support additional remote site customer equipment.

ODL Management

RFOptic ODL systems provide a panel level control layer as well. Using an LCD and a 3-button navigation pad, it is possible to control the system without any additional computer.

Last but not least, all RFOptic software for RFoF to 6Ghz RFoF to 40GHz and Optical Delay can be downloaded using one single password.