RMA – Product Policy

To make sure that the RMA process is streamlined and to avoid unnecessary delays and tariffs at customs, we have updated our RFOptic RMA procedure. For your convenience, you can find a short clarification of our RMA process below.

In general, please make sure to provide all information related to the RMA process which includes: Complete and detailed failure description, associated files or software revisions, and any information about how the failure was detected which could assist in locating and repairing the defect.

To start the process, please submit your RMA request to RFOptic using the form on the right. Once your request is received, RFOptic will issue an RMA number and inform you accordingly.

RFOptic will review your request for repair at its premises in Israel. To approve your request, you need to submit the following two documents:

  1. The original or a copy of the invoice of the purchased product that is sent for repair (including serial number and part number);
  2. The AWB number (after approval).

Once RFOptic has approved your request, you can ship the product to RFOptic Israel for repair. After repair, RFOptic will send the product back.

Please note: A CAPA is issued and delivered regarding any RMA repair.

Please do not send any items for repair without RFOptic’s explicit approval!

    We will send you your RMA number after you have submitted this form

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