5G RFoF subsystems

Our proven 5G subsystems support 5G deployments and developments such as active remote antennas for base stations, coax cables replacement in test facilities, and 5G telecommunication network testing. We also offer a DAS extension solution when the cable solution cannot meet the required system parameters.

Our 5G solutions include RFoF 5G testing, RFoF 5G extension, RFoF 5G GPSoF, ODL for latency measuring, and RFoF HSFDR for 5G mm-Wave active antenna.

Electronic Warfare & RADAR

We provide solutions for governmental institutes and defense system integrators with advanced technologies for a wide variety of defense and homeland security applications. We provide ODL and Altimeter for radar systems and broadband systems for Electronic Warfare (EW). We also provide mmWave Satcom applications and phase-matched system for EW applications.

Our broad-spectrum solutions are RFoF links with built-in controlled Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and step attenuators which can be programmed with RFOptic configuration USB software. The transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) modules are quite small and fit into the palm of a hand.

For applications at X, Ku, Ka, and K, we offer our HSFDR series and our Low Noise Figure HSFDR series to those customers who need better Noise Figure and High Gain.

Within enclosures, the modules can be monitored and controlled remotely with RFOptic’s unique SNMP/HTML/REST interfaces.

Solutions include: RFoF HSFDR for satellite mm-Wave remote antenna, Phase-Matched CWDM Multi-Link RFoF, Optical Delay Lines, RADAR Altimeter Test, Multi-signal, Distributed, RF-Optical Routing for Phased Array, and RF Optical ultra-wide band converter.