Tel- Aviv 17.08.2015–RFOptic was selected by ST electronics in Singapore, a Global System integrator to provide RF optical solutions. RFOptic was selected after a long process and careful product definition. The system includes a bi directional channel, digital control and optical links and is used as beta site system. RF over Fiber systems become popular during the last 5 years and are used for different applications. It facilitates cable replacement for distances where cable loss is too long and technology must be based on fiber optic links and not coaxial cable.

Oz Abramson RFOptic V.P affirmed,  “We are proud to be selected by such organization and we will continue our customer centered strategy that includes high level customization, service agility and a quick delivery of unique solutions designed at each customer’s request.” He added, “ We see a large market potential and are delighted to work with ST Electronics. 

The demand for RF optical is in rapid growth since many customers understan that RF over Fiber technology and Optical Delay Line systems can be  used for relatively long distances where RF cables are failed due to high insertion loss”.

RFOptic designs and manufactures  innovative optical test and measurement solutions. RFOptic’s advanced optical technologies are designed for telecommunications and data centers, satellite communications, aerospace and defense, wireless networks, and broadcast and professional audio/video systems. RFOptic provides solutions for existing and next-generation Radar and EW systems and operators.  RFOptic product line includes optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. RFOptic is ISO 9001 certified provider of RF and Optical solutions.