What Our Customers Say

The level of service and responsiveness is evidenced by the completion of our project.

A National Aerospace Agency

RF Communications Engineer

Our devices are solid, and again I love having the internal attenuation

A leading provider of wireless sound systems for live & broadcast events


Your response time is light-years beyond the competition. I can’t thank you enough for helping to make my job easier.

A national R&D laboratory

Project Leader

We finally got the lab set up and were able to use the new ODL. I am happy to say it has exceeded expectations. I placed a variable attenuator in front of it and by adjusting the attenuation I am able to generate multiple or single reflection rings. These have proven very versatile in testing more aspects of the radar than we had originally planned. Thanks for all your help with this successful project.

Aerospace & Defense Multinational

Project Manager

We are using 2.5 Ghz RFoF link from RFOptic to bring RF signals back to the control room for monitoring. We are very happy with  its performance; it  performs exactly the way that was promised and delivers what it is meant to do. It was also easy to install.

 A renowned American performing arts venue located on the West Coast

We are continuously monitoring the phase variation on the two systems. [….] I will most likely present our results in further coming VLBI meetings, and perhaps write a scientific paper. Many thanks for your cooperation in our successful “project”.

Onsala Space Observatory

We opted for RFOptic’s RFoF solution since it was highly recommended to us. We are currently using it and everything is working great. We are planning to purchase another one soon.

A major North American System Integrator

We opted for RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line some time ago. It took us a while, but we were finally able to get the lab set up. We started using RFOptic’s ODL, and I am happy to report that is not only performed well, but even exceeded our expectations. We could not be more pleased.

A major U.S. Defense Contractor