RFOptic provides a wide range of solutions for testing and applications based on Optical RF solutions. These include Optical Delay Line and RADAR Altimeter Test, radiation testing, and cable replacement due to EMC challenges.

Our RADAR Altimeter Test provides a high-performance solution for testing and calibrating RADAR Altimeter systems. It enabled the user to replicate the landing and taking off of planes with real-time accuracy for training pilots. This customized Optical Delay Line solution with high-resolution delay steps “tricks” a flight simulator’s altimeter into thinking it is flying in the air, including taking off and landing scenarios.

RFOptic also provides a radiation testing solution for the aircraft industry to meet the need for radiation tests on airplanes. Our solution allows test engineers to perform these tests utilizing a compact portable link in combination with a chargeable battery.

Our proven EMC offerings meet the growing demand of our customers to support their EMC testing requirements in their EMC chambers.

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