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We are the leading supplier of high quality RFoF & ODL solutions with fast delivery times and excellent support

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We made it our mission to provide high-value RF-Optical products with superior performance to the 5G / 6G communication & EW / RADAR defense markets tailored to the needs & requirements of our customers leveraging our modular architecture

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  • We are an innovative company, ready to do business with you
  • As a profitable company, we are here for the long run
  • We are the trailblazer & industry leader in 5G testing & EW solutions
  • We are proud to have >200 customers w/ repeated orders
  • Customer-centric approach; we work with and for you

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We provide innovative solutions:

  • Programmable RFoF modules
  • High Density Solutions
  • Unified Management Platform to monitor our solutions from one platform
  • Large selection of RFoF & ODL solutions up to 50 GHz

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Market Segments

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Our RFoF solution for 5G:

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Our Electronic Warfare (EW) & RADAR solutions

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M&C Software

  • Manages, monitors, and controls RFoF converters/systems locally or remotely
  • Reduces daily maintenance expenses
  • Enables diagnostic tests & calibration in the field
  • User-friendly, intuitive, easy to operate
  • USB interface for local management
  • Ethernet for remote management

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We have over 200 customers, among them:

L3 Technologies, AT&T, Raytheon, Leonardo DRS, Rohde & Schwarz, T-Mobile, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, US Air Force, Northrop Grumman, DTSL, Honeywell, DRS Technologies, DSO National Laboratories, NASA, THALES, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and Space X.

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What our customers say about us:

“Your response time is light-years beyond the competition. I can’t thank you enough for helping to make my job easier!”

A national R&D laboratory

“…what we thought would be the largest obstacle, the utilization and acquisition of a RFoF unit, turned out to be a non-issue … in such short order allowed us to complete our endeavor in a timely fashion and professional manner.” 

An aerospace company

“Your devices are solid, and I love having the internal attenuation.”

A leading provider of wireless sound systems for live/broadcast events

“We opted for RFOptic’s RFoF solution since it was highly recommended to us and everything is working great. We are planning to purchase more soon.”

A major systems integrator

“We opted for RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line and I am happy to report that it not only performed well, but even exceeded our expectations. We could not be more pleased.“

A major defense contractor

“We will be using your RF over Fiber modules in our new Multi Microwave Radio Telescope, since they perform exceptionally well.”

A radio telescope supplier

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Why choose us

  • R&D-driven & innovative manufacturing company with global coverage
  • High customer satisfaction; high number of repeated orders
  • Quick response to all customer inquiries & fast order fulfillment
  • Excellent pre and post support, including troubleshooting
  • Extensive experience with innovative solutions for the 5G testing and EW & radar markets

Working with us brings added value, mitigates technical risks, and improves your TTM

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RFOptic Ltd.


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