RFOptic Ltd. was selected by a US based diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defense and information solutions company. RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line systems (ODL) are generally used for transposing signals to distances ranging from few meters to several tens of  kilometers. ODL system is an RF over Fiber solution with a defined delay line which is used in radar and microwave systems, e.g., for radar calibration. RFOptic’s ODL system can include several different delay lines which are selected either manually or remotely by external PC interface. RFOptic provides its customers with five groups of ODLs operating at different frequency bands starting from 10 MHz up to 3.5, 8, 15, 18 and 20 GHz.

Dr. Avner Sharon, RFOptic’s CEO said: “We are proud to be selected by ITT Exelis and we will keep our strategy which is fast delivery time together with customization and unique solution for our customers at affordable price. We see that more customers are happy with our RF over Fiber (RFoF) for communications applications and Optical Delay Line (ODL) products for radar applications, which are used for analog signals transmission over relatively long distances where RF cables solutions fails due to high insertion losses and the overall customer system price”.

RFOptic and its North American Distributor, Summit Communications Solutions, Corp., worked closely to meet ITT Exelis’ strict technical and delivery time requirements.

RFOptic Ltd. (www.rfoptic.com) is a global provider of advanced RF over Fiber and Electro Optical solutions designed for civil and defense markets. RFOptic highly integrated products feature outstanding price/performance and reliability needed for our customers’ mission critical applications. RFOptic delivers feature-rich, compact products suitable for Communications, SatCom & Cellular Telecom Antennas, as well as demanding applications such as Land, Airborne & Marine Radar or Electronic Warfare, and optical components manufacturing lines.

Summit Communications Solutions, Corp, (www.SummitCSC.com) is a Manufacturer’s Representative based in Summit, NJ. Summit works with several equipment manufacturers to provide innovative solutions to improve network performance and user experience on the core and access sides of networks.