January 2014 –  RFOptic was selected by a major US space transport services company to supply its leading Optical Delay Line solutions  

Tel- Aviv, Jan 17, 2014

A major U.S space exploration company which designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and space crafts, chose RFOptic to provide Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions.  RFOptic serves the North American market through its North American distributor, Summit Communications Solutions, Corp.

The Optical Delay Line is used to inject delays of up to 300 micro-sec to an incoming RF signal. ODLs are used in radar and microwave systems for calibration.

RFOptic’s ODLs can have multiple delay lines that can be selected manually or remotely.  RFOptic provides ODL product lines at L-S-C-X-Ku and sub bands. RFOptic’s solutions come in 2 models:
(i) Distinct Delay Line model that can provide up to 8 distinct delay lines, and (ii) Progressive Delay Line model which can provide up to 5 delay lines that can be combined to create 32 delay variations.

Avner Sharon, RFOptic CEO, said. “We are proud to be selected.  We will keep our strategy which is fast delivery time together with customization and unique solution upon customer’s request. Due to our customization and delivery capabilities, we see that RFOptic ODLs are becoming increasingly sought after solutions.”

RFOptic Company (www.RFOptic.com) is a global provider of innovative optical test and measurement solutions.  RFOptic provides solutions for existing and next-generation Radar and EW systems and operators. RTOptic products include optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Summit Communications Solutions, Corp, (www.SummitCSC.com) is a Manufacturer’s Representative based in Summit, NJ.  SummitCSC has been RFOptic’s long term partner for delivering quality RFoF, ODL, and OPG (Optical Pulse Generators) Solutions to North American companies operations and labs.  All technical and commercial support in NA is provided by SummitCSC.