RF over Fiber Transmitter and Rceiver for GPSMany companies around the world are facing supply challenges due to the current pandemic. In many cases, meeting delivery times has become problematic, which also impacts customers and end-users since supplies are being delayed or hold up.

At RFOptic, we take pride in our fast delivery times for off-the-shelf products that are ready for deployment as well as our sophisticated customized solutions. As a significant player in the RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) markets, we are one of a handful of companies that made Optical RF over Fiber their core business. Thanks to our network of distributors and strategic partners, we have realized a steady YoY growth during the last decade.

That’s why we would like to inform you that we have been working closely together with our suppliers to maintain the quick turnaround time that we are known for. This means that our RFoF 3GHz and 6GHz HSFDR converters that are currently in stock are ready for shipment within 7-10 days. Once a purchase order is received, our other standard RFoF solutions will be shipped within less than two months. As far as our RFoF customized and ODL solutions, the turnaround time will be between 2.5 months and to 3.5 months.

At RFOptic we are working around the clock to make sure that with our links, your telehealth / telemedicine (to help keeping patients and health care providers safe), distributed antenna, satcom, radar, radio telescopes, EW, GPS, or communications projects will remain on track.

Needless to say, we are here to answer any questions you might have.

For a list of our distributors, click here. You can also contact us directly at info@rfoptic.com.

In these trying times, we wish you good health and success.

The RFOptic team